About Our Life XP

Our life Xperience 2019 Revamp

Since starting work, I have always been looking for ways to be financially free. In 2017, I stumbled upon the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement and was excited by the fact that there were like minded people out there going through the same journey seeking financial freedom.

After several  years of passive listening to other members from the FIRE community, I decided to revamp ourlifexp.com to sharing about my friends and my own learning journey towards financial freedom.  We would cover topics ranging from EARN, SAVE, INVEST, BORROW & PROTECT our money.

5 Pillars to F.I.R.E for the common person

  • EARN – Trading time for money isn’t the best way to earn income. Get ideas on how multiple sources of income is important to achieve FIRE.
  • SAVE – Get saving deals and ways on how one can increase their savings rates in order to increase their investment capital.
  • INVEST – Get points of view on maximizing your return on investment through the different types of investment vehicles available globally.
  • BORROW – Leverage can help grow your capital, however its a double edge sword if not done properly. Learn how to borrow with care.
  • PROTECT – Reaching your early retirement goals is only 50% of the way, one needs to know how to protect it for a sustainable retirement.

What is OurlifeXP.com about? 

This site was created back in the day (2004) where Windows just launched Windows XP. XP being in short of experience. So I used the XP to register for this website, which stands for Our Life Experience. This is origins of Ourlifexp.com. It has now morphed into an online magazine that produces interesting and shareable bite-sized content for the online generation. We aim to provide readers with entertaining anWindows_XP_logod relevant listicles and news during their daily commute home.

Content is mainly by EntityX, the founder but from time to time, we get contributing writers to help with posts as well. All content is screened and reviewed before being posted on ourlifexp.com. If you are looking to share your content or guest post, please feel free to contact us

There is a discussion on CNET in 2004 where someone asked the meaning and here are

  • XP = eXtra Points
  • XP = eXPerience
  • XP = Xtra Points
  • XP = XPerimental
  • XP = eXtraProblems

Read the whole discussion for old times sake here