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Casualties of COVID-19, Which Companies Took The Bullet

2020, the year of the rat in the lunar calendar was supposed to be a bumper year for many. From a YouGov survey done towards the end of 2019 where they asked respondents what was their new years resolution, this was the list Travel is within one of the 10 items that people wish to […]

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your First Home

It’s one of the biggest purchases you will ever make in your life: a first home. This is an accomplishment that a bulk of the working force is striving for, one that is extremely rewarding but more complex than most initially realize. It is a long process and obtaining your own property will have a […]

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Should I still travel during this Covid-19 period or just cancel my holiday plans?

Many of us must be asking this after hearing so much about covid 19 and how it has infected many people globally. Last week the stock market finally reacted to it by dropping 11%. This would led me to decide if I should cancel my holiday plans.  After reading a bit, the Key takeaway is you […]


Netflix Movies that is highly recommended for a weekend or a simple night out

Nothing to do over the weekend? Here’s a few movies that I would love to catch on Netflix during a simple Saturday night  The boy who harnessed the wind – based on a true story, very inspiring about how a boy saved his village with wind power  The Theory of Everything – the story about the […]

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Bonus Saver Account Changes in April 2020

For months, I have been a strong advocate for Standard Chartered bonus saver account. The reason is due to the high interest payout of 3.88% if you are eligible based on the number of services you utilize with the bank. The Bonus Saver account is mainly a high yield salary crediting account, where customers of […]

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Do You Support High Min or Similar Wage for Everyone?

Saw this article about the first CEO to raise everyone’s wages to have a min wage of 70k. His inspiration was when he met his landlord, who has two jobs and works 50 hours a week but still unable to make ends meet in the city of Seattle.  This is very interesting to me as […]


Hey Kiddos Lets Buy Mcdonalds Today

Kids love Mcdonalds, I’m not sure why but Mcdonalds is always their first choice when you ask, what would you like to eat.  This is especially true for breakfast, maybe its the Happy Meal that comes with a toy or book which is irresistible to them.  One weekend, when my kids was asking me to […]

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How Much Money You Will Have for Retirement if You Save X Dollars Monthly Before Retirement

Everyone will have to retire someday, be it 100% not working or being semi retired, we all will reach that stage one day. However not many have thought about what is needed or how they would like their retirement days to be. Something that I find strange or maybe its way too far away for […]

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Deals to Ease the Pain Caused by Covid 19 in Singapore

The start of 2020 has been a trying year for the world. We have been hit by Covid 19 virus which made its way to Singapore shores since the lunar new year. Many people have reacted irrationally especially when we change the DORSCON level to Orange, rushing to stock up on food and other essentials. […]


Turning 40 and No Savings? What Can One Do in Singapore?

As someone who cares about retiring comfortably, it worries me when friends aren’t prepared as they should be. Many haven’t started to think about it, they either hope it’s enough or really don’t bother.  What do I mean by starting?  I just had a conversation with a close friend. He is single, 40 this year […]