Die with Zero by Bill Perkins Book Review 2021

Started the year with a thought provoking book which puts Asian values to the test. If you are Asian, you would understand the logic leaving something for your kids and later generations. In Die with Zero, Bill questions this logic about us working too much and too long wasting our life force. This is really an eye opener based on the concepts and examples shared. If you are busy working and living a FIRE lifestyle that doesnt allow you to enjoy experiences in life, I think you could have read Die with Zero book. It would help open your eyes

Here’s some quick takeaways, I’ve gotten from the book

Key takeaways

  • Time Money Trade Off – Spending  an extra 12 months working to earn and save up 20-30K additional for big emergency medical expense during retirement isn’t a best use of time.  Why? Our out of pocket medical bills could cost 30K a day in hospital, all these just to extend your life by 1 day during the tail end of your life. Is it a good trade off?
  • The older we get, the harder it is to extract value from money, example at 80 years old with all the money in the world but you most likely cant go for a bungee jump vs in your 20s
  • Time is the most precious thing in life
  • We don’t only die once in life, there are many micro moments in our lives which we can never redo again
    • Re-watching your kids favourite nursery shows, they will out grow it
    • You will have a limited amount of time to spend time to teach your kids how to ride a bike before they dont need the training wheels
    • There will come a time your kids would not want you to read them bed time stories
  • Learn how to extract value from money earned and preserve life force to ensure you dont spend too much time working and not enjoying enough experience in life.

Visit the Official site – for the book. There are 2 apps to help your calculate and make some projections but I dont really know how to use it. Dont find it useful.

Do check it out