Don’t Worry, Singapore Has Enough Toilet Paper, Instant Noodles and Rice Stockpile, Its Not End of the World Yet.

Shortly after MOH changing the DORSCON to Orange on Feb 7, 2020. Social media started seeing many Singaporeans heading to the supermarkets to queue and stock (hoard) essential supplies like instant noodles, toilet paper, rice, etc.

This mad rush for essentials spiked the demand of such goods and eventually strained the local supermarket chains ability to stock up quickly, which provided a perception that there wasn’t enough food, which we all know its not true as reported by NTUC CEO stating the chain’s existing food supplies in the warehouse and assuring Singaporeans with more deliveries arriving. Read interview here

If you were in town or decided to head to the supermarket you would have seen long queues and empty shelves in the supermarkets. This isn’t normal in Singapore, but one thing that I know we do have enough food reserve and people should stay calm 🙂

Here’s some photos from what happened on Feb 7 Friday

Loading up on instant noodles
Long queues on 7th Feb
Empty Shelves in the supermarket