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Giving 1x Apple Stock, Is it Enough to Hook New Users? MooMoo Free Stock Trading App

We now live in a world of startups or businesses that tend to  dangle FREE items to acquire customers. Gone are the days where you would need to pay to try something , just look at the past  few “FREE” offering we had recently, free rides (Grab and Uber), free food (Grab & Foodpanda), free money via paynow (Google Pay Singapore, Fave) and eCommerce Free vouchers to make our 1st orders.  So many free stuff, isnt that a good deal or bargain?

Most recently, the free carrot to acquire new users has entered the world of stock trading, with apps like MooMoo giving users free shares.

MooMoo Free Share Deal

A good friend sent a referral code – “” via whatsapp asking me to claim my Apple stock. Initially I thought it was spam since the URL and name is abit weird (potential article on how to chose a name for your app), upon verification the link and business is legit, the free trading app is even a Tencent and Sequoia backed company based in the USA.

At the time of writing, Apple is worth around 126 USD, to get this stock I had to transfer USD 2K into my MooMoo account and wait for 5 days for the stock to be credited.  Intrigued by the deal, I decided  to give it a try.

1st time login

Registration was simple, you could register via the website however to trade and access the account, you would need to download the app. and login.  Cool shoutout, I am 69xx client who joined MooMoo in Singapore, still can consider an early adopter.

You get access to the default watchlist, while all the options to trade, view feeds and account details. Its interesting to see the app having a social element via the stream under the Moo tab. You get to also follow and interact with other traders, seems like common to new stock trading apps.

Fund Transfer to Get My Apple Shares

To get your free apple share, its required from MooMoo that we have to transfer USD $2000 into the account, typically called funding the account. Funding the account is relatively simple, they accept local bank transfer, transfer over, submit your details in the bank remarks and wait for a few business days to credit your account.

Once you are done, they will take 5 business days to transfer the Apple stock into your account. In essence, I am technically at least valued at $126 cost per customer to MooMoo, fair value if you look at a normal trader with assets under management.

So if you dont have any brokerage account and want to try trading, you might want to explore MooMoo and secure that Free Apple share. For those who have accounts like interactive brokers, think of swim, robinhood, etc, its still no harm to sign up and test out the new trading platform to grab your FREE APPLE Share.

Let me know in the comments if you have any comments or feedback on this referral program.

By the way, this promo ends 8th March if im not wrong.

UPDATE – Apr 5th
Promotion extended till April 30, dont wait to get your Free Apple Share from FUTU, Moomoo. I’ve gotten mine and have since withdrawn cash without issues, it takes 1 working day to withdrawal to be completed.

On top of that, been exploring the Moomoo stock app for about a month. I must say there are good features that I find useful like you can watch live the earning report of the stocks you are monitoring, the social elements are also very nice with the ability to chat with others and monitor tickers.

Do remember to give it a try 🙂