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Should I still travel during this Covid-19 period or just cancel my holiday plans?

Many of us must be asking this after hearing so much about covid 19 and how it has infected many people globally. Last week the stock market finally reacted to it by dropping 11%. This would led me to decide if I should cancel my holiday plans. 

After reading a bit, the Key takeaway is you can still travel, it might be even cheaper and a better experience now with lesser people heading to popular destinations. 

But what to watch out for is to ask yourself the following before deciding to travel or cancel your trips

  • Are you in the dangerous age group? Looking at statistics from China, People in the older age groups with chronic illness are the most vulnerable. So if you are in that group you might want to avoid traveling to affected areas.
  • Are you a care giver or look after elderly? If yes, you might also want to self impose a quarantine at home for 14 days after your trip.
  • Are you traveling to affected areas or else where? It’s obvious to minimise non essential travel to the affected areas or countries. It’s also important to note the number of new infections, the WHO or news websites do put up daily updates on each countries situation.

Lastly during your trip, make sure you maintain proper hygiene practise like washing your hands with soap, don’t touch your face with your hands, don’t lean on the walls at the lift, try not to touch the hand railings at lifts or escalator and if you are paying for stuff, try to use touch less credit cards like paywave, paynow or nfc technology as money can be quite dirty. 

Here’s an article from Forbes that you can read up more from experts

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