Should You Pay for an Investing Course?

A recent chat with a group of friends initiated this debate about the value of paying for courses conducted by investment gurus seen all over the internet, facebook, youtube or udemy. I thought it was interesting enough to share my thoughts on the topic so that you could decide for yourself if you would pay for a course to enrich yourself or find it too much and save your money instead.

There are two camps here, camp A supports paying and educating yourself. You need to know what is the definition of an opportunity or a good investment to be able to identify it and take action. Many of us would love a good opportunity in life, however do we really know how to identify it? Thats the million dollar question.

The other camp B, are against paying these gurus any money for their investment courses. The reasoning is if these gurus are really so good, they would not need to teach or offer courses as a living. People are typically skeptical especially when the guru claims of quick profits in trading.
This is a quote – “If they know how to make money, they wouldn’t be sharing it. Unless YOU are the reason why they are earning money. Simple as that.”

Personally, I am in the paying for courses and learning from gurus camp. I’m a firm believer that we need to educate ourselves to spot opportunities and know how to act when we spot them versus saving the money. Of course, we need to do our due diligence and review the guru reputation before paying him.

What about you, would you pay investment gurus to join their investing courses or pay school fees when trading in the market?

Tips on selecting investment guru courses

  • Go for their previews, alot of times, we can learn via the course previews. I’ve gotten many nuggets purely from going for these.
  • Google the guru name and track record. See if there are any bad reviews, you might be able to find some inputs
  • Go to social media, join investing forums, post a question and ask for people who went for the guru course and how is their after support
  • Does the guru offer a community or after course support. This is important, as you can form strong bonds here
  • Does the guru offer a money back guarantee?
  • How is the course being conducted, do you have access to the guru, practical and other interactive ways of learning

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