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Bonus Saver Account Changes in April 2020

For months, I have been a strong advocate for Standard Chartered bonus saver account. The reason is due to the high interest payout of 3.88% if you are eligible based on the number of services you utilize with the bank. The Bonus Saver account is mainly a high yield salary crediting account, where customers of […]

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Do You Support High Min or Similar Wage for Everyone?

Saw this article about the first CEO to raise everyone’s wages to have a min wage of 70k. His inspiration was when he met his landlord, who has two jobs and works 50 hours a week but still unable to make ends meet in the city of Seattle.  This is very interesting to me as […]


Turning 40 and No Savings? What Can One Do in Singapore?

As someone who cares about retiring comfortably, it worries me when friends aren’t prepared as they should be. Many haven’t started to think about it, they either hope it’s enough or really don’t bother.  What do I mean by starting?  I just had a conversation with a close friend. He is single, 40 this year […]