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Open letter from a Gym Owner in Singapore, WeiLi Ng

On May 22, I saw this post on Facebook by Wei Li who shared an open letter to our government seeking help for his gym business. Its really a challenging time for businesses, especially those that cant have a digital element. Like what Wei Li mentioned in his post, the income is $0 for his […]


Singapore Circuit Breaker FnB Casualties

I have been covering abit on COVID-19 Circuit breaker and its impact on Singapore. Just saw these list of F&B joints in Singapore going out of business or calling it quits via Whatsapp. DId some random checks to confirm they are closed or closing soon. If inaccurate, please leave a comment to remove. Here’s the […]

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Do You Support High Min or Similar Wage for Everyone?

Saw this article about the first CEO to raise everyone’s wages to have a min wage of 70k. His inspiration was when he met his landlord, who has two jobs and works 50 hours a week but still unable to make ends meet in the city of Seattle.  This is very interesting to me as […]