Trading US Stocks, Which Brokerage Should Singaporeans Use?

Ok, so you know the importance of investing for your retirement or to beat inflation, had a hand or two with Poems, OCBC, or one of the local brokerages to buy into Singapore stock exchange (SGX), but feel that Singapore’s market doesnt really have liquidity or the ability to make good money through equities (the […]

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Casualties of COVID-19, Which Companies Took The Bullet

2020, the year of the rat in the lunar calendar was supposed to be a bumper year for many. From a YouGov survey done towards the end of 2019 where they asked respondents what was their new years resolution, this was the list Travel is within one of the 10 items that people wish to […]

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Ask yourself this retirement question so as to not get blind sided when it comes

How much do you need when you retire in monthly or yearly income status?  Has anyone asked you this or have you ever thought about it? My small survey of close friends seemed to come up empty. Seems like many of them, 6 to be precise haven’t thought about it and I’m the first person to […]