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How Much Money You Will Have for Retirement if You Save X Dollars Monthly Before Retirement

Everyone will have to retire someday, be it 100% not working or being semi retired, we all will reach that stage one day. However not many have thought about what is needed or how they would like their retirement days to be. Something that I find strange or maybe its way too far away for […]


OCBC National Day Singapore Savings Promotional Interest Rate

Was at the bank yesterday to conduct some business with my CPFIS account. I love OCBC and Standard Chartered banks for their weekend banking, both banks open over the weekend and they close late as well. It really is a smart move as we would have to take a day off to conduct our personal […]

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5 Financial Fears Young Singaporeans Have

According to the Economic Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living survey, Singapore was ranked as the most expensive city for expatriates to live in. But the Singapore government has said that the survey does not reflect the cost of living of Singaporean households, do you agree? While we agree that you can definitely live frugally […]